After completing the steps to leave the conference and process your CEUs, you will get a notice in your email that your certificate is ready.  

To download a copy of your certificate, follow the directions below on the web app (preferred method).  

Download Certificates

1. login to 
2. click on "Certificates"
3. If you don't see a conference on this list, make sure you have checked out of the conference (on the app) and submitted your CEUs. 

4. If you have valid CEUs, you should see green buttons "Certificate Ready".  Click on "Certificate Ready". 

Please note that the conference admin will process certificates, which can take up to 45 days after the event ends. Some admin may process certificates earlier, like in 1 or 2 weeks.  

5. From here, users can 1) Print Certificate, 2) Prepare PDF Certificate (to save), 3) Email Certificate to their email account. 

We strongly recommend you save a copy of the certificate. Users can save it as a paper document by printing it or selecting the PDF option and saving a copy.

NOTE: The last day to download certificates via the CEUHelper app is 7/31/2024.  If you require a certificate after that date, you will need to reach out to the conference administrator for assistance.  ACE Providers are required to maintain records for 5 years after an event. 

note: Users may not see every event they attended for each certification. Only events with valid CEUs for that particular certification are shown.


  • If you see zeros "0" in the CEU section, it is likely you need to update or add your certification or license number.  Please follow this HELP Document.
  • If your name is incorrect on your certificate, please follow these directions. 
  • If you notice you are missing CEUs from a conference, please submit a support ticket.  It is likely that some of the events have been flagged as "invalid" or there is an error that needs to be resolved. 


Submit a support ticket on our site, or email