Adding New Conferences

Organization Administrators ONLY

Organization Administrators, with "Organization Admin" role assiged, may add new conferences/events in the CEUHelper platform until 5/31/2024.  After 6/1/2024, this feature will be disabled for all roles. 

REMINDER:  The last date you can have an event in CEUHelper is 6/14/2024.  We will audit final dates and may make changes as necessary.  

Organizational Roles

Steps to Add a NEW Conference

1. Sign into the account associated with your admin role. 

2. Click on the "gear" in the upper right corner of the screen, next to your name.

3. from the drop down, select "Admin Page

NOTE: you can toggle back and forth as a user and admin by selecting the gear and then either "Admin Page" or "User Page"

4. Click "+ Create Conference"

NOTE: This feature will be disabled on 6/1/2024.  The last date CEUHelper is hosting conferences/events is 6/14/2024. 


  • Check that you were assigned the role "Organization Admin".  If not, please submit a support ticket. 
  • Make sure you are logged in with the right account/email.  

If you are unable to add a conference or an event, submit a support ticket on our site, or email